We live in a fallen and broken world and sadly we are all a part of it. We speak of broken lives, broken minds, broken homes, broken marriages, broken relationships, broken hearts and we even use the word ‘broke’ to describe the state of our finances. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that Jesus took our brokenness on Himself at the cross and He became broken that we may be made whole.

God is able to fix and heal all our brokenness when we are willing to give Him the pieces. This booklet, and the questions, scriptures and prayers included, is designed to do this by bringing into the light any issues that may need addressing and healing in your life.

You can use this booklet privately on your own, to go through the scriptures and pray the prayers, or it can be used to assist others who you ask to pray and minister to you. However you may wish to use this booklet may it bring healing and wholeness in areas of your life that need attention and may it draw you into a deeper relationship with your heavenly Father.