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Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere
Marilyn brings her wealth of insight and experience to show how spiritual atmospheres affect lives, churches, communities and cities.
Healing & Freedom Questionnaire - book cover
Healing and Freedom Questionnaire
We live in a fallen and broken world and sadly we are all a part of it. God is able to fix and heal all our brokenness when we are willing to give Him the pieces. This booklet, and the questions, scriptures and prayers included, is designed to do this by bringing into the light any issues that may need addressing and healing in your life.
How to Lead A Person to Christ
Marilyn shares how to share the Gospel with people effectively on a day to day basis.
How to stand against a spiritual attack - book cover
How to Stand Against a Spiritual Attack
Why do bad things happen to good people? What happens when I become disappointed with God? How can I be free from fear? What is the ‘spirit of death’ and how do I stand against it What is the armour of God and how do I wear it?
Kingdom and Culture
Geoff looks at the questions and develops a Biblical and response that will challenge and inspire you deeper into the things of God and give you a passion to see God's Kingdom come in your life and community.
Life of Jesus: More a Prophet
Jesus' extraordinary life is captured in a vivid new way that will bring a fresh insight to the Biblical story that we 'think' we know so well.
Our covenant keeping God - book cover
Our Covenant Keeping God
Everything God does is based on Covenant. If you want to know God’s practices and purposes, His will and His ways then you need to understand His Covenants. It is the key that unlocks our understanding of who He is, what He does and what He does it for.
Psalm 23 - book cover
Psalm 23
Out of all the millions of songs that have been composed, why is Psalm 23 the most well known and loved? This book gives insights, taken from the wisdom and experience of a Psalm written 3000 years ago, for today that is right up to date and relevant for living in the 21st century that can change your life.
Revival is a heart issue - book cover
Revival is a Heart Issue
Revival doesn’t begin in the church – it begins in our hearts. We cannot organize revival, but we can set our hearts to receive everything that God desires to give us and do through us.
Risen is a fascinating book detailing the amazing evidence and proof there is of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.
The Captured Heart - Guarding Your Heart in a World of Compromise
Whatever captures your heart will control your life and determine your destiny. The book covers 'why' it is so important to guard our hearts and also 'how to'.
They Saw Jesus
They Saw Jesus is a fascinating book detailing modern day accounts of face to face encounters with Jesus Christ.